Wednesday 28 January 2009

What A Day!

Had a very eventful day yesterday!

My baby (Poppy) started her first season. She's 9 months and we weren't expecting it just yet as Lily's was later. Pops has been nesting for a couple of weeks now, so we knew something was up. She drags all her blankies from her crate onto and around Lily's bed and makes herself at home :) She doesn't seem much bothered by it all at the moment, but definitely doesn't like not having the run of the house!

While cooking tea last night, I discovered to my horror that Lily has started to eat her way through our Breakfast room wall! She has never done anything like that before ... but now won't leave the darn thing alone. I've had to put a chair against it for now to try and stop her. But she keeps dragging the chair away to get at it!

Finally while going into the kitchen to make the kids sarnies for school last night, I was greeted by several streams of water pouring from the ceiling! I could have wept then! We bought a new house and moved in at the end of May last year. We've had lots of niggles with it and a couple of big problems - but this is by far the most horrific to have to face.

The plumber arrived first thing this morning and finally found the problem in the heating system. The builders had nailed the skirting on in one of the bathrooms and pierced a pipe. It looks like it has been leaking very slowly all this time, but due to house settling etc., had eventually become a full blown leak! My poor ceiling! I have huge holes in it now and in one of the bathroom walls upstairs! I know the builders will put it all right (eventually) BUT!!!!!!

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