Thursday 3 September 2009

An Award!!!

I received this beautiful Heart Award from Avril Ann a couple of weeks ago. Thank you so much Avril Ann :o) I'm really sorry it's taken me so long to pass it on!

The fabulous ladies I would like to pass this on to are my wonderful DT mates at Winter Wonderland, who are the best team you could possibly wish for ....

Joey Anne Pascale Lesley Sam and Teri S.

And ..... the fabulous Lisa who never ceases to inspire me.

Thank you ladies :o)

Teri xxxx


Anonymous said...

I've never seen this award Teri. It's super sweet.

And your words are too kind. Thank you so much for being such a fantastic blog pal. You are always so generous with comments. I appreciate each and every one of them. I'm tickled pink that you visit my blog so often. And quite honored might I add!

Thanks a big bunch for passing the blow award on to me. I better catch up as I still have the last one you sent waiting to be posted.

Thank you!!


Anne said...

Awwww.... Bless You Teri!!! {{{{{HUG}}}} I agree though, they (including You!) really are the most fabulous team! Thank You so much for this, it means the world!! XXX

Joey said...

Hi Teri

Thanks so much hun for passing this onto me and for your kind words, congrats on recieving this award.