Saturday 23 July 2011

Stamping With Bleach

This card uses both the French Foliage stamp set and the Autumn Days stamp set. The leaves on the background have been stamped using Bleach. This is such a simple technique to do.

You make up a 'stamp pad' using a shallow container and layers of kitchen roll. Then cover the kitchen roll in Bleach. I used the cheapest, thinest bleach available - and it worked perfectly :o) You don't get such a strong smell either with this bleach. You then 'ink' up your stamps as normal using the bleach pad and stamp away. Once the images have dried (which takes just a few seconds) there is no smell - it evaporates away :o)

One thing to remember though, is to thoroughly clean your stamps afterwards so the bleach doesn't dry out the rubber. The Stampin' Mist is perfect for this (page 107).

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