Monday 14 November 2011

My Girls ......

I don't often put personal photographs on my blog ..... but thought you might like to see a current pic of my baby girls :o)

Lily is the larger one on the left and Poppy is on the right. They are curled up together on the sofa - naughty girls! :o) xxx


MrsC.x said...

they are gorgeous! Charlie.xx

Giacomo said...

ooo!! so sweet!! they are adorable!! i've a dog too, a little funny girl and I love her!!

mckinkle said...


yeah, youve guessed, I just saw this too!

I was only thinking as I sent my comment that I wondered how your doggies were so I nearly doubled took when I saw this photo of dotty deliciousness!

Oh wow, what a pair of beauties they are, THANK YOU for sharing them with us!

My hubby paints pets (as a hobby) and Im sorely tempted to ask you if you'd mind him having a go at this pair as they are stunning? No pressure.

Keryn x