Wednesday 15 January 2014

A Whole Lot Of Love - Monster Hugs

The Monster Hugs kits on the Whole Lot Of Love Promotion flyer are just oooooo cute! :o)

There are two kits ..... one for Boys .... and one for Girls. Each of them contain 18 little Monsters, 18 Googly eyes and 18 Hearts. The eyes and hearts have self-adhesive backs. Each kit costs just £5.50. 

You don't need anything else to decorate them or make them up. The long arms wrap around your treat and there is a little sticky band on their tummies to hold the treat in place. The arms have little notches cut in them which enable them to slot together so they stay closed (like the blue Monster). Or if you have a bigger treat, you can use the heart to keep them closed - perhaps with the additional help of a glue dot (like the coral Monster) :o)

The Monster Hugs are perfect for gifts for your children's class mates - perhaps at Valentines or End of Term / Year times. They would also make perfect Halloween gifts for all those cute little 'monsters' who ring our door bells at Halloween. Or you could use them as a little Thank You for everyone coming to your  children's Party.

The Monsters are also printed on the back - just look at those cute bottoms!!!!

Remember, these products are only available until 27th January - so don't miss out on the chance to get them!

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