Sunday 16 February 2014

Fringe Scissors Flower

The Fringe Scissors in the Spring / Summer catalogue (page 31) are such fun to use! 

To make this flower I cut a 2" strip of paper from the lovely Fresh Prints DSP stack. I ran a length of Sticky Strip down one edge on the 'wrong' side, removed the backing and folded the DSP in half width ways sealing it closed. 

You need to run another length of Sticky Strip along what was the open edge. Use the Fringe Scissors to cut along the DSP up to the bottom of the Sticky Strip.

Remove the backing from the tape, then roll the paper up as tight as you can. This creates the inner part of the flower.

To create the outside, cut another strip of paper - about 1 1/4" wide. Add a length of Sticky Strip along one edge, on the 'right' side. Use the Fringe Scissors along the length, again cutting up to the bottom edge of the Sticky Strip. Secure the end to the inner flower and continue rolling it around at the base. 

The only thing to remember when creating your flower is to try and keep the bottom of them as flat as possible. 

For the centre of the flower, I used a Candy Dot Brad Base. Instead of adding a Candy Dot to the centre, I added one of our Rhinestones to give a little sparkle :o)


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