Thursday 21 January 2016

Ted's Progress ...... :o)

I don't have any Crafty projects to show you today -  I thought you might like to have an update on Ted instead.

He's doing great and is now 5 months old.

We finally got the break-through we so desperately needed a few weeks ago! My youngest Dalmatian, Poppy was not taken with Ted at all! This caused no end of problems in the house, because someone always needed to be with Ted when he was awake to watch him .... and keep him and Poppy apart. They 'met' but we had to be careful that it was controlled and with enough of us around to sort out any 'issues'.

Well .... they eventually started playing together! Unfortunately, this isn't usually in a quiet or even a very gentle way! They have a great time rough-housing all over the place squawking and squealing as loudly as possible! So ...... the mad house is still here BUT now Ted can move freely about the place without us having to worry about him crossing Poppy's path accidentally!

Lily, my eldest Dalmatian, keeps a very close eye on the pair of them. She's the one who gets upset now every time they make a racket! She's deaf in one ear and hates any loud noises ..... especially this pair at play time!

It's really great having them all friends. They still have their moments but these are few and far between now :o) Our next goal is getting Ted completely house trained! I have never had a dog that's taken this long to 'get it' before! But ... I've no doubt we will get there eventually.

Ted had his first 'hair cut' a couple of weeks ago! His coat was getting very long and we had to put all the hair from over his face into a top knot so he could see! 

This is him just after his first bath and trim! It's lovely being able to see those gorgeous dark eyes! He was very proud of his bandana too .... it lasted for the rest of the day!

Unfortunately, he didn't like the clippers, so they could only use scissors on him. But he goes back in a couple of days for another go at them :o) 

We all think he's super cute! His ears are huge though .... I'm a bit worried that he will 'grow into' them! We'll have the biggest Yorkshire Terrier ever! :o)

His neat trim didn't last long! This is his normal wind-swept, dribble chin look :o) He likes to sit in one of my office chairs so he can check out anyone walking by the window.

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1 comment:

Hanny said...

Gorgeous dogs.. Ted is so cute and looks very handsome after his clip..:)