Friday 21 October 2016

No Bones About It - Pop Up And Twist Panel Card

I have another Pop Up And Twist Panel card to share with you today! These lovely 'wow' cards are all over the internet still.

They look more complex than they are to make, but people are simplifying the method all the time :o) 

This one is based on a video tutorial by Collette Mitrege, although I used our standard European card as the base (half a sheet of A4).

If this is the first time you have seen one of these cards, you can see my others HERE and HERE.

I finally inked up my No Bones About It stamp set! I think this is in its second year already! It's one I purchased as soon as it came out ...... but I've just never got around to playing with it until now :o) 

This is a perfect set for all those who love Dinosaurs! My eldest son was absolutely mad about them when he was little and I always feel a little nostalgic when I see them .... which is one reason I bought the set in the first place :o)

Anyway, I managed to incorporate most of the main stamps into this card. I mostly stayed with colours from the Regals collection, but added a couple of the neutrals too. 


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