Friday 10 April 2009

I've Been Tagged!

I was Tagged by Alison over a week ago and this is the first chance I've had to check my files.

Apparently you have to publish the 4th photo in your 4th photo folder. Here is mine ....

:) Aren't they beauties? This one was taken by my daughter Lauren last year. It was only a couple of weeks after we moved house .... hence the boxes .... although those are actually still in that same spot still waiting for be unpacked .... oops!!!!!! We had only had Poppy about a week at this point and she was already right at home. Lily was very good with her ... and still is - although it's definitely Poppy that rules the house now!

I now have to 'tag' four other people. I'm not sure I have four to be honest as most of the peeps I 'know' have already been tagged .... and Alison pinched two of them! So .......

Lisa at Lisa's Stampin' Weblog
Anne at Anne's Corner
Terri at Milly Moo Cards
Dawn at AuroraDawn

Sorry guys .... you've all been tagged! Show us what you've got hiding in those files! :)


Anne said...

OMG I am squealing like a pig here - they are absolutely ADORABLE Teri!!!! Beauties indeed, and look at those gorgeous eyes! Awwwww.......

Thanks for tagging me, but I'm going to be really thick here - I'm not sure if I understand what I have to do??? It sounds simple enough but I'm bound to get it wrong....duh!!!! :o) xxx

Alison said...

Hi Teri, I guessed you'd been busy organising your open days, sorry for pinching the contacts for the tag!
What an adorable photo, Poppy peeking over Lily's back - those dogs are just so cute!!

Anonymous said...

awwwwwwwwww That turnes out to be a great 4th photo. That is a sure day brightener !!
Thanks for tagging me and bringing a smile to my face with your photo. I haven't been tagged with this one. I hope I get it right. Thanks for thinking of me.