Saturday 11 June 2011

Scallop Circle Cards

More projects using the Scallop Circle Die!

Creating an easel card is so easy using this Die. Just fold your cardstock in half and when you place it on the Die, position it so that a few of the scallop edges are outside of the fold - so they won't get cut. This forms the base card i.e. you will have 2 scallop circles joined on what was the folded edge. All you need to do then is fold one of the circles in half. The full one will form the base (bottom) of the card and the folded one will form the back and support for your card front (cut another full scallop circle to decorate and position on here. You can see the shape of it in the top pic :o)

Big Shot Swing Card!

I found THIS video on YouTube by Deb Valder showing how to do this technique with the Big Shot. Deb used the smaller Scallop circle die, which we haven't got in the UK at the moment - but the technique is the same for using the larger Die that we do have. My card base was 13.5cm x 13.5cm. You don't want to go much smaller because it will make the 'hinge' sections too narrow and weak :o)

This was the technique I demo'd at Amanda's training day :o)

This final card was a 'happy' mistake. It was originally another Swing card, but I dropped it and tore one of the hinges - still looks good though :o)

Teri xxx

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