Saturday 3 November 2012

European Convention - Gifts

These three boxes contain gifts for some very special people who are also attending Convention :o) I wanted to make something different and thought for a long time about what I could possibly do! Much to my horror ...... for some reason I decided to use fabric and sew something!

I haven't used a sewing machine for decades and most of my confidence had disappeared over that time. Nevertheless I stuck with it, found a lovely little tutorial on the web and set about making my gifts :o)

 I love all of Stampin' Up!'s fabrics. I love the quality and how they co-ordinate with the various product suites they are in. I'm really pleased with the results - although the first one was a bit dodgy (at the front) - the others got better each time.

The bag can be used for lots of things - makeup, toiletries or crafting tools. They are quite roomy inside.

The back one I made for Sandra and uses the Summer Smooches fabric (page 171).

The one on the left is for Amanda and on the right is for Monica. Both of these use some more of the lovely Essentials Fabric.

The front one was my prototype! And ........ it's for me :o) It uses the Orchard Harvest Fabric from the Autumn/Winter catalogue (page 30).

The flowers on the front are more of the brooches - similar to my Bag Tags - so they will detach if you want them to. I made single flowers for the middle two bags and double flowers for the ones on the side.

My final gift is for another very special person. Chris is one of our Demo Support Team in Germany and looks after all the UK Demos. He is the most wonderful person and so helpful. It's always a pleasure to talk to him - and I have done that many times over the years :o) However, I've never met him. This year he will be at Convention too, so lots of Demos will finally get to meet him - I hope he can cope with all of us!

This box contains a little gift I bought for him. When writing this, I've realised that I've forgotten to take a pic of it - and it's now packed away in my case! But it just contains a little tin mug with the slogan 'Keep Calm .... and .... Rule Britannia' on it. I think he will find it amusing!:o)

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Monica Gale said...

My sweet Terri I was gobsmacked by your beautiful gift, THANK YOU so very much, you really are the sweetest person ever. Much love M xxx