Friday 23 May 2014

'Smoosh' Technique - The Open Sea

Another Techniqe card to share with you today :o)

This one features the 'Smoosh' Technique! I have no idea if it has a 'proper' name, this is just what I have always called it :o) It was the Technique I demo'd at my first Party, way back 5+ years ago!

It's a simple Technique. You just need a cellophane pocket or a sheet of thin acetate folded over. I used an A4 pocket and cut down  one long side and the short side so that it opened out.

Open the pocket out and add ink to one side using an ink pad. The foam pads are quite hard to drag across, so I just dabbed it onto the cellophane. I used two colours - Pool Party and Midnight Muse.

Lightly spritz the ink with water. Close the pocket and 'Smoosh' the ink and water about.

Open the pocket and carefully place your cardstock onto it. You can have two pieces of card back to back and they will be done together :o).

Close the pocket back up and 'Smoosh' again. Open the pocket to remove your card .... and you are done :o)

I thought my background would be perfect for use with The Open Sea stamp set.

I coloured the ship very lightly with a Blender Pen and ink pads.

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