Tuesday 20 May 2014

Stampin' Up! - Grand Vacation! - Part 2

I forgot to tell you about the Pillow Gifts in my last post! Each evening Stampin' Up! left a gift in our cabin! This was the first .......

Two Sun Lounger Towels! These are so good! They hook over the back of the lounger and have a pocket for all your goodies in the side.

The Free Project Kit was a Paper Pumpkin kit! We haven't got these yet in the UK, but I hope we do soon!

Monday started early with a Grand Gathering of the Stampin' Up! group in one of the Theatres. 

It was a lovely morning. We were introduced to all the Business Development Managers from around the World - also all the Stampin' Up! Corporate staff on board. I know it may sound a bit stuffy ... but it wasn't at all! It was a lovely morning full of fun and laughter.

Pam Morgan gave a wonderful introduction to the new Project Life Scrapbooking products that are coming our way very soon! And, of course we heard from Shelli too!

I won a Prize Patrol!!!! This was a set of the new Project Life 12"x12" divided pages! 

I also won a prize for reciting (really, really badly) the Statement of the Heart! Honestly, I DO know it! Julie Kettlewell even pulled it up on her ipad for me just before I did it ....... and I still got it all wrong!! :o) But it was ok ....... someone from each country was picked to do it ..... and no one got it right! I think we all just blanked!!! :o)

The rest of Monday was spent exploring the ship. Julie borrowed a copy of the New Catalogue from a US Demo and we sat out by one of the bars on deck looking through it :o) There are some fabulous things on the way!

It was Formal Night for dinner and we ate 'posh' again in the main restaurant all glam'd up!

My daughter Lauren.


Me again .... with the stunning Julie Kettlewell! :o)

Later that night we saw another show.

This was an Ice Show based around the Monopoly Game .... and it was fabulous!

Even later that night we had a Meet & Mingle with all the other European Demonstrators and their guests.

(Photo Pinched From Julie's Blog! - mine too dark!)

We had a UK Group photo ..... sadly Michelle, Monica and Kerry hadn't arrived yet!

On returning to the cabin we found we had a guest watching our telly ........

My first ever Towel Animal!!!

and another Pillow gift .......

Two 'filter as you drink' water bottles!

Tuesday saw us visiting our first Port - Labadee in Haiti.

We spent most of the day on the beach with Julie and her lovely husband, Robin and ..... with our new Lounger towels! :o) 

The evening show was Chicago! Which was Fantastic! I loved it!

The Pillow Gift that night was a $50 reduction in our 'extras' bill!!

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