Saturday 13 December 2014

Shaving Foam Technique - Something For Baby Card

The second Technique we covered in class this week was the Shaving Foam background technique.

I have always held off from trying this one because I thought it would be very messy! BUT it's not too bad as the mess is pretty much confined to the tub you use :o) The only messy bit is cleaning off your cardstock at the end.

I used the absolute cheapest shaving foam I could find for this and it worked fine ... at 28 pence a can, you can afford to be generous with it :o)

I sprayed the foam into a tub large enough to hold the cardstock mat I wanted to colour. I then added drops of reinker all over the foam - I used Blushing Bride, Pear Pizzazz and So Saffron for this one. 

You then use a lolly stick, drinking straw or something similar to swirl the foam about a bit. This spreads the reinker colours about and into each other and you get an amazing marbled look. It's really pretty :o)

Once you have finished swirling, you lay your card onto the foam and press it down gently. Then remove it and wipe off all the foam with kitchen paper. 

My ladies loved playing with this technique! :o)


Big Shot

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