Tuesday 12 May 2015

Litttle Letters Dies - Birthday Card

Have you tried lining up the Little Letters Dies and cutting a word out of a piece of card stock? It can definitely be challenging! :o)

This was one of the cards we created at my Technique Class this month. I wanted to show my ladies how to do this ... without tantrums and tears :o)

Simply line up the dies (cutting side down) on your Grid Paper. Then run a length of Washi Tape across the dies to keep them all in position. You want the Washi to extend past the first and last die, so be generous with it. You could use a low tack masking tape, but I like the Washi because it's narrow and you can see the top and bottom of the dies still. This helps when placing the strip on to your card stock.

Start building your sandwich for the Big Shot - Magnetic Platform, Acrylic Plate, Card Stock and WAX PAPER....

Don't forget the wax paper - the Washi will stick to your card stock otherwise and tear when you try to remove it.

Lay your Washi / Die strip on top of the Wax Paper and ensure it's where you want it to be. Stick the excess Washi on each side to the acrylic plate to hold everything in place. Top off with the last acrylic plate and run it through the Big Shot :o)

No Tantrums needed .... and your dies will not jump all over the place :o)


Big Shot

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