Friday 14 August 2015

The Open Sea - Technique Card

The final technique we covered in my monthly class this time was the Bubble Background technique.

This is another one I have put off for a while - purely because I know how messy it can get! :o) 

You really need to use Glossy cardstock for this one. Sadly Stampin' Up! no longer sell this - but glossy photo card will work just as well.

I tipped a little bottle of Kids Bubble mixture into a small pot and added drops of reinker. You need to experiment a bit to determine how many drops to add - it depends on how much mixture you use and how big your pot is. You then just need a drinking straw to blow into the mixture to create the bubbles.

When the bubbles start to come over the top edge of the pot, gently touch the cardstock to them. When no bubbles remain, blow into the pot again and repeat until your card is covered.

I decided to use The Open Sea stamp set and create a 'Man' card :o)

I love this 'Porthole' effect and have been wanting to try it for a while now :o)


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