Monday 19 October 2015

Distrac ...... TED!

Meet Ted :o) 

This little scrap joined our family at the weekend. He belongs to my eldest son, but will be looked after by all of us.

He's 9 weeks old and a Yorkshire Terrier ..... and completely adorable!

Needless to say, this has made my life a little more hectic! My son works away most weeks and is only here at weekends - although this should hopefully be changing soon :o)

He will be taking up a lot of my time for the next few weeks :o) I have two Dalmatians ...... who aren't best pleased that they now have a brother! I have to watch them closely and make sure he stays completely safe. He is a dinky little thing .... and my girls are big :o)

They are adapting, but it's still early days and they really aren't sure what this little tornado is doing in their home! :o)

Ted is completely relaxed and chilled about it all ..... and is ready to make friends with them as soon as they will let him :o)

Nights have not been good. I cannot believe that I had thought we wouldn't hear him when he cries at night! OMG! I think the whole town must hear him!! :o)

I've been doing 'nights' and I am truly shattered! I know things will improve ..... I just hope it's quickly! :o)

And so ...... for a little while, you won't find me posting daily on my  Blog. I have a few Events coming up that I need to concentrate on ..... and Ted and my girls  ...... as well as my family ..... will be taking up much of my remaining time. 

I will post whenever I get a chance, so please visit me when you can :o)

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Unknown said...

Ted looks like a little cutie! Your photos are really nice!