Wednesday 2 May 2018

Video Tutorial - Guy Greetings Class - Gift Bag

In last month's Project Class I included this little Gift Bag. It's a great size, measuring 5 ¼” wide and about 4 ¼” high - just perfect for some sweet treats or a small gift. 

I used more of the True Gentlemen Designer Series Paper and decorated it with a bow, created using our Bow Builder punch.

Here is the Video showing you how to make it. I use A4 standard card as I am based in the UK. If you use 8½” x 11" you will find all the measurements you need below in brackets.

Scoring: A4 Lemon Lime Twist Sheet of Card         (US - 8½” x 11")

With the Long Side across the top, score down at:
4 ⅛",  5 ⅝",  9 ¾”  and  9 ⅞"      (US - 3 ¾”,  5 ¼”, 9"  and 9 ⅛")

With the Short Side across the top, score down at:
1 ½”  and  6 ¾”                            (US - 1 ½”  and  7")


Front of Gift Bag:
12.7cm x 9.8cm - Berry Burst card           (US - 5 ¼” x 3 ½” )
12.4cm x 9.5cm - Naturally Eclectic DSP    (US - 5" x 3 ¼” )

Top/Front of Gift Bag:
12.7cm x 4.2cm - Berry Burst card            (US - ¼” x 1 ⅝")
12.4cm x 3.8cm - Naturally Eclectic DSP     (US - 5" x 1 ⅜")

Ribbon 40cm            (US 17" approx.)

NOTE: If you are using US measurements, your Gift Bag will be slightly shorter but wider than the one I made :o)

I used a Velcro Dot as the closure, but you could just as easily use strong magnets.

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Donna S said...

I'm in love with these...and thanks so much for the variations, alternative measurements and video. So CUTE and I like including masculine ideas with a feminine option. I could see this with a future fishing pole dsp for an outdoorsy bag.