Friday 21 October 2022

Craft Room - 6"x6' Designer Series Paper Holder - Video Tutorial

I have been promising myself for a long time that I will get my 6" papers organised! The existing 'system' I used never worked for me and the time finally came to do something about it.

I've created these holders to house all my 6" paper ... and card. 

I've also designed them in such a way that it's very easy to adjust the depth of them - to make them bigger or smaller.

This is the Holder that I created in the Video. 

I used Pool Party card stock for this one - the others were created with a retired colour card stock.

I used a Petal Pink mat for the front layered with a piece of paper from the retired Bird Ballad Designer Series Paper pack.

Of course I love using all our new papers, but over time I have built up a huge stash of retired paper. This I am determined to use and not 'waste' which is why I need to organise it so it's easily and quickly accessible.

I created this one to hold all the retired papers from 3 of the Colour Collections. I had 3 different packs of each which I combined by colour and then placed in the Holder. It's now so easy to find all the papers I have for a Colour Collection and then select which I want to use. 

I have another Holder for all our current 6" papers and several more to hold all our retired papers that are not Colour Collection sets.

I use a lot of retired paper and card when I'm creating prototypes for a project - especially 3D items and fancy fold cards.

This Holder was created smaller than the others to hold all my retired shiny paper and card.

Instead of having the sides 4" deep, I made them 2½" deep.

To do this I just had to make two simple changes to the sizes of the side pieces and the base piece.

The original sides were 4½" x 4" - this was adjusted to 4½" x 2½"
The original base was 7¼" x 4" - this was adjusted to 7¼" x 4"

Here is the Video ...


Back                                              7¼” x 4½”

Front                                             7¼” x 2½”


On FRONT and BACK – 

With the LONG side across the TOP, score down at ½” and 6¾”

With the SHORT side across the TOP, score down at ½”


Sides x2                                       4½” x 4”

Base                                               6¼” x 4”



Cardstock                                    6”x 1                              

Paper                                              6” x 1¾”



Adjusting the DEPTH of the Holder:


Change the 4” side on both the SIDES and BASE to be whatever size you need – either smaller or larger – e.g. If you want the Holder to have a depth of 5” your SIDE pieces should measure 4½” x 5” and your BASE piece should measure 6¼” x 5”

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