Saturday 18 October 2014

Convention - Ribbon Brooch - Swaps

These are the Ribbon Brooches I created as my final Convention swap.

I have been making these for several years now. They are a great item for your craft stalls or to give to friends as a little gift. 

They use the 1 1/4" Striped Grosgrain Ribbon. I was so pleased to see these ribbons come back into our annual catalogue. They aren't quite the same as our previous ones from a couple of years back, so I had to adapt the design slightly - but I'm pleased with the results.

They are so easy to create - video tutorial coming very soon! :o)

I love the fraying you get when you cut the ribbon. You do get a little shedding at first, but this settles down very quickly. Once the shedding stops, it stops for good - so you aren't continually picking little fluffy bits off your clothes :o)

I used all the 5 different colours currently available in our catalogue and think I made about 30 to take as swaps. You can get 15 brooches of this size from 1 reel of ribbon so they aren't expensive to make :o)


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