Friday 31 October 2014

Halloween - Cone Treat Holder

Isn't this cute? :o)

The lovely Helene Legrand had a tutorial on her blog yesterday showing how to create them. I thought they would be perfect to demo for the Party I did last night for Jane and Marion, so I quickly had a go :o)

They are really simple to create - even if you are cone challenged like me .... I've never been able to create them neatly and usually end up with a big hole in the bottom! These were fine though .... and the ladies at the Party loved them :o)

For the basic cone, you need a 6" x 6" piece of DSP and 1 sheet of 12" x 6" of our White Creped Filter Paper. 

Helene use a compass to draw and create the curve at the top of her DSP. Now ... although I must buy several of these tools every year for my kids to take to school .... I couldn't find any at all to use - so I just free-styled it with the scissors straight away. They really don't have to be perfect ..... no one will know :o)

Of course I had to decorate this one with a Halloween theme! I used the Holiday Home stamp set and matching framelits to do mine.

I think this must be the most versatile set in the Autumn / Winter catalogue - it's perfect for Halloween, Christmas, New Home, Autumn and Thanksgiving.


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