Friday 22 February 2019

Quick Masculine Card using Geared Up Garage

Hi There!

I have done something just a little different for today's Video :o)

My project today is a quick one. The card took less than 15 minutes to create for the Video, but it would have only have been about 10 if I wasn't doing it for the camera :o) I have left most of the Video in real time so you can see a true step by step tutorial. The only section I speeded up was removing the excess bits of card from the Cogs die cut ..... no one needs to see how long that actually took!

Anyway .... I would love your help here if you have the time :o) Is this the type of Video you prefer to watch? From my own personal standpoint, it definitely isn't! I don't want or need to see every little step. I just like to see the key stages and watch a Video as short as possible. 

I am looking to do a Video series on quick cards and am not sure if I should show everything and in real time ..... or produce them as I would my other Videos. Your input would be welcome and very much appreciated :o) 

If you do watch the Video you can comment on this post or on the Video itself - I always read and respond to all comments :o)

This is the actual card I make in the Video. It's a great masculine card that could be used for many occasions. Creating 'traditional' male-oriented cards is not my favourite thing to do but I'm trying to build a little stockpile at the moment, so when I need a card I don't have to 'panic create' to get one done :o)

Here is the Video ....


Basic Black card base                                      ½ an A4 standard sheet of card          
                                                                                                           (US 8½" x 11")

Whisper White mat                                         14.4cm x 10cm       (US 5¼" x 4")
for inside the card

Classic Garage DSP                                         14.4cm x 10cm       (US 5¼" x 4")

Basic Black (approx.)                                        10.5cm x 7cm         (US 4¼" x 2¾")

Real Red (approx.)                                            10.5cm x 7cm         (US 4¼" x 2¾")

Black Foil Card (approx.)                                  10cm x 6.5cm        (US 4" x 2½")

You will also need some Silver Foil card for stamping on. 

Note: The following measurements show the actual sizes of the Black and Red mats. If you do not own the Rectangle Stitched dies, you could just cut the card to these sizes ......

Basic Black                                                        10cm x 6.6cm        (US  4" x 2⅝")

Real Red                                                             9cm X 5.6cm         (US 3 9/16" x 2 ¼")

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

With regards to real time videos it depend on the audience you are aiming for. Beginners need to see every step whereas other demonstrators and experienced crafters can fast forward over the bits they don't need to see.
I have found a lot of the demonstrators I watch online have got faster and skip some of the stages as they are directing their video to their regular viewers.
I enjoy your card ideas.