Tuesday 19 April 2011

Scallop Circle Die - More Projects!

The following are a few more of the projects I showed on my Inspiration station at Amanda's training day this month. I focused on the Scallop Circle Die. This has proved to be such a versatile tool to use - it's amazing what you can do with this Die!

This is a little oval Easter basket made using one Scallop Circle. It's really easy to make .....

Make a pencil mark on the Scallop circle between 2 scallops – count 5 scallops along and mark again. Count 10 scallops and mark and count another 5 again and mark. Score down from one mark to the marked point directly opposite – do the same for the remaining marks. You will have scored a cross shape. Punch out a Wide Oval (2" x 1 3/8") and glue to the centre of the scallop circle. Ensure the narrower sides of the oval are placed in the smaller scored sections. Cut down the scored lines to the wide oval edge. Overlap and glue 2 scallops on the 5-scallop sections to the adjacent 10-scallop sections.

Click HERE for the original Video Tutorial I found.

Isn't this little Bird's Nest sweet? I love it. Again it's made using just one Scallop Circle.

Punch out a 1 ¾” circle and glue to the middle of the large scallop circle. Cut between the scallops after every 5th scallop, down to the edge of the smaller circle. Work round the circle overlapping and gluing 1 scallop onto the next to form the nest shape.

If you add a handle to it, it makes another really cute Easter basket.

Click HERE for the original Video Tutorial I found.

These umbrellas are really sweet too! Each has used 2 Scallop Circles - one in cardstock and the other in Designer Series Paper (DSP) - you just cut the scallops off the DSP one and position on top of the cardstock one.

Score straight down between every 4th scallop – the last sections made will only contain 3 scallops. Score straight down the middle of the 3 scallops. The 2 halves of these smaller sections are glued together so they don’t show on the right side – this forms the umbrella shape.

This is where I found the instructions for them.

Teri xx


Elaine Harding said...

Hi Teri,

Thank you again for sharing your amazing projects with us at the last II Quarterly! Have a super easter! See you soon hopefully! xx

kelly said...

Hi Teri,

Love your scallop circle die tutorials, would you mind measuring the width of the die cut for me? I'm wondering how big it is.
kelly xx

Teri said...

Hi Kelly :)

It's 11.2cm or 4 3/8" across the widest part (scallop peaks). Teri xxx

Unknown said...

Very cute nest! I love it! Thank you so much for giving such good instructions.