Friday 24 June 2011

Finally ...... Some Really Good News!!!!! :o)

It's been a really rough week for my family this week. Last Friday my 17 year old son was hit off his motorbike by a car when he was coming home from work. The next 7 hours or so were definitely the worse of my life so far. I won't go into too many details but his femur was snapped. We were at roadside for a very long time - I managed to get there just after the ambulance and he was eventually airlifted to the RUH.

They didn't operate until Sunday and he now has a rod in his thigh. BUT we've now got him home with us again :o) It's been horrendous. He's coping well with the pain, but is very sick all the time - and that's really hard. We've only managed a couple of hours sleep each night so far and we're all feeling the extra stress that's caused.

He's had a check up today and has been given some medication that seems to be helping ..... so fingers crossed things will improve now :o) So that's one bit of my good news :o)

The other .............. ????

TWO of my WONDERFUL and FABULOUS customers are WINNERS in last month's competition on the Stampin' Up! web site!!!!!

All you had to do was answer a simple question on the site each week during May to be entered for the draws.

who each get to choose any stamp set they wish from either of the current catalogues.

Both these ladies attended my first Stampin' Up! party - Martha was my hostess
both of them continue to host parties for me throughout the year.

So THANK YOU ladies :o)

Your prizes could not have been more deserved!

Love You Both xxxx

Teri xxx


Elizabeth said...

Oh Teri - what a terrible time you have had. I am so glad to hear your son has had his op and is recovering. Sending you lots of love and get well vibes to you son. X

Elaine Harding said...

Oh Teri, I'm so sorry to hear the news - so glad he's on the mend. Wishing him a speedy recovery! Fingers crossed he'll be pain free soon. hugs and love to you and the family xxxx

Monica Gale said...

Terri I am so sorry to hear it but how good that he is on the mend. Much love to you my sweet big hugs Monica xxx

Lynda said...

So sorry to hear about your son Teri and so glad he's doing ok now. I can quite understand what a nightmare week it's been. Sending you a big (((HUG)))

Love Lynda xxx

Handmade by Milly Moo said...

Hi Terri

I am so sorry to hear about your son. I hope he continues to get wellm and send my best wishes to you and your family.

Love Terri xx

Hayley said...

Oh Teri - I was so sorry to read about your son, glad he is on the mend but what a worry for you. Sending you big hugs

simplyfairies said...

Oh my your poor Son, I felt kinda dizzy reading that, how horrendous for you all...

Wow well done Martha and claire, thats why I soooo love Stampin up they value demos and customers alike, where else do you get such kindness and gratitude...