Thursday 12 April 2018

Retiring Products Lists

Stampin' Up! have now released details of all the current products that will be Retiring at the end of May. Be aware that once a product has sold out - it's GONE!

You can click on the heading above to take you to my online store. Or you can click on the links below to take you to different types of products.

A couple of things to note:

All the BUNDLES will retire. BUT that doesn't mean that the individual items within a current Bundle will go - you can check the other lists to see what will not be moving to the new catalogue.

The Ink Pads are changing! The new ones are fab! This is why you will see a lot of ink pads listed as retiring. NOT all of the colours are going - but some are (more on that later). The new ink in the new pads has an extra de-foaming agent in it to stop the ink bubbling. This new ink will also be in all our re-inkers come June.

It is ok to use the new re-inkers on your old pads. It is also ok to use the old re-inkers on any new pads. The question would be - do you really want to? Because this will cancel out the de-foaming agent or at least reduce its effectiveness significantly. I look at it like this - if you mix the different inks together, you will not get the full benefits of the de-foamer. Just be aware of this for the future :o)

Here are all the links:


So ..... on to the Colour changes that will be happening with the new catalogue.

This is what our COLOUR FAMILIES will look like when the new Annual Catalogue comes out in June .....

We still have our In Colours and there will still be 4 Colour Collections with 10 colours each.

We will also have a Basics Collection holding 3 Colours.

The following shows all the NEW COLOURS added to our Collections:

And .... sadly we will be losing some of our existing Colours:

We are all very excited about these changes! 

The most important thing here for you is that if there are colours listed as going that are your favourites - you need to stock up on these now! Don't leave it too late to do this, things tend to go very quickly when this happens and I would hate to see you disappointed!

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