Friday 12 June 2015

Spiral Flower Tub - Project Class

This gorgeous tub of Roses was the project my ladies created at class this month. 

It's such a simple project to complete .... a little fiddly placing the Roses with the Hot Glue, but worth it!

This is not my design. I found a video tutorial by a lovely Australian Demonstrator called Rachel Lewsley :o)

I adapted it - of course :o) I wanted a fuller tub ..... and I wanted it to take long enough to use as a class project.

I added 4 additional roses - so 9 in total and I also increased the 'grass' panels - using 10 instead of the original 6. Everything else was as Rachel's instructions :o)

I also created a shorter version - this one is 4cm (1 1/2") shorter than the original.

Both gorgeous .... and a really fun project to do!


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