Thursday 18 June 2015

Wild About Flowers - Poppies

Wild About Flowers was one of the stamp sets I 'had to own' when I saw it in the new catalogue. So .... it was right there on my first order :o)

I love this Poppy stamp. I used Real Red ink to start with .... because when I think of Poppies I always think of them being red :o)

Over the last year or so, where I walk my dogs every morning, there is a new road being build. This is now almost finished. 

Although I hate this road - it goes right through the middle of where I walk my dogs and will be a danger to them when it opens - at the moment it is glorious. 

They say Poppies thrive on waste ground ... well both sides of this new road are absolutely covered with gorgeous Red Poppies. I have never seen so many all together like they are. It's such a beautiful sight! :o)

It a wonderful start to the day just walking my dogs, but walking next to these beautiful banks of Poppies really lifts your spirit :o)

And ..... of course you get yellow Poppies too :o) And ..... as this is my favourite colour, I had to repeat the card in Daffodil Delight.

Quick ..... clean ..... and simple ..... :o)


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1 comment:

Jill said...

These are gorgeous cards. Saw some poppies going up the 303 last week, they look fab in large groups.